Our Journey



LOOMTALES is all about the numerous stories which a fabric tells. We have created this platform to bring handloom buyers across the globe together. We absolutely love the feel of a handcurated and handmade fabric/saree/suit and others. We thought that we should share our fascination of hand block print and handloom with our valuable customers.

Each product is handpicked by our team of experts who understand by lanes of cities and the forms of art better than anybody. So each item is UNIQUE and AUTHENTIC, hence available in limited numbers.

Its our belief that we should provide original handcrafted products directly from the artisan rather than run of the mill identical pieces. We hope you will also fall in love with them as we did and grab your pick quickly. If you like one particular item a lot , we will try our best that it is made available to you.

We want you to cherish these pieces which you buy from us through our website and make many  memories in the process.

Thank you and happy looming!!



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